It's estimated that more than one million dogs go missing every year in the United States. Many of them are never reunited with their families - a tragedy that no dog owner wants to experience.


Based on academic research, interviews with experts, and real-life stories, Dog Gone Missing is the first book to explore why dogs might run away, where they might go, whether they inherited navigation skills from their wolf ancestors, and why some dogs can find their way home while others can't.

I am a professional tracker specializing in missing pet recovery....I am constantly researching my field and read countless books relating to the missing pets. This book is BANG ON! Very well written and great advice for pet owners. Amy truly knows what she is talking about! GREAT BOOK! Buy it BEFORE you need it!

Kevin McCormick,

If you love your dog, this is a must read...before you are in a crisis! Amy offers lots of facts and information to back up terrific recommendations, all in an easy-to-read narrative. This book is a great resource for dog owners!

Mike Hall, Amazon reviewer


This is a fascinating book about how our canine friends think, why they sometimes stray, and how to find them when they do. It's a must read for anyone who loves dogs!

Philip Beenel, Amazon reviewer


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